Baltimore United for Change (BUC) Statement on Officer Edward Nero Not Guilty Verdict

Article originally published by Baltimore United for Change, written by Kinetics.

Baltimore (BUC) – The not guilty verdict handed down in the case of Officer Edward Nero today comes as no surprise to those of us who have long recognized that securing justice – especially in the courts of the United States – is more marathon than sprint.

ICE Plans Largest Immigration Raid of the Year; Here’s What You Need to Know

By Yara Simón 

Originally Published in Remezcla 

In an especially rough year for undocumented immigrants, the next two months will be an even more trying time as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) gears up for what is being called this year’s largest deportation sweep under President Barack Obama’s administration.

Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War

Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War (Book Review) 

Originally Published in Pluto Press here

Leila Al-Shami reflects on five years of struggle in Syria, in which grassroots, democratic and revolutionary movements have endured airstrikes, state repression and Islamist militancy. Her new book on the subject, Burning Country, co-authored with Robin Yassin-Kassab, is out now.

"Just the Beginning" as 400 Arrested on Capitol Steps Protesting Big Money in Politics

Published on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 

Originally published by Common Dreams

'If you choose to defend the status quo of corruption, there's going to be growing nonviolent resistance in the streets, at the Capitol, at your fundraisers, and in the polls, to say that we will not take it anymore.'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Climate Change-Fueled Food Crisis Could Kill Half a Million by 2050

Originally Published on Common Dreams
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Farms and farmers have long been "in the crosshairs of climate change."
More than half a million people could die in the next few decades as a result of climate change, according to new research published Wednesday in The Lancet.

The Poisoning of Flint Was Not an Accident - It Was a Crime

By William Rivers Pitt

Originally published in Truthout

Filters and bottled water stacked up on a truck to be delivered to residents in Flint, Michigan, January 7, 2016. At every major decision point over more than a year, officials at all levels of government acted in ways that contributed to Flint's tainted water crisis and allowed the public health emergency to persist for months.

How Activists Won Reparations for the Survivors of Chicago Police Department Torture

How Activists Won Reparations for the Survivors of Chicago Police Department Torture

A history of the movement to make Chicago pay for the crimes of former police commander Jon Burge.

Originally published in In These Times

BY Flint Taylor

Full Text of TPP Released...And It's Horrible

(Originally published in Common Dreams, for more resources, click here)

Written by Jon Queally

It's a disaster for people, the planet, democracy, and the future of the global economy.

That was the immediate assessment of informed critics as world governments, including the United States, on Thursday morning made the full text of the controversial TransPacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) available to the public for the first time.

How to confront friends who wear offensive Halloween costumes

(Originally published on Mashable, for more resources, click here)

Written by Katie Dupere

In the days leading up to Halloween, revelers are putting the finishing touches on their costumes. For some, that means perfecting their sugar skull makeup, hot-gluing feathers onto their homemade headdresses and dusting off their sombreros.

Yes — among all the tricks and treats, cultural appropriation is an undeniable problem this time of year.


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