Below are some organizations we work with and support.  For a more comprehensive and searchable list of progressive organizations, check out our Organization Directory.  Enjoy!

Iraq Veterans Against the War
Iraq Veterans Against the War calls for the immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces in Iraq; reparations for the human and structural damages Iraq has suffered, and stopping the corporate pillaging of Iraq so that their people can control their own lives and future; and full benefits, adequate healthcare (including mental health), and other supports for returning servicemen and women.

CODEPINK: Women for Peace

Peace Action
A network of more than 100 chapters and 100,000 members, Peace Action works to abolish war, end weapons trafficking and secure our freedom from mass destruction.

Proposition One
Proposition One is a grassroots voter initiative movement for disarmament of nuclear weapons and the conversion of the arms industries to human and environmental needs.

United for Peace and Justice
United for Peace and Justice is a coalition of more than 1400 local and national groups throughout the United States who have joined together to protest the immoral and disastrous Iraq War and oppose our government's policy of permanent warfare and empire-building.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Inc. (VVAW) is a national veterans' organization that was founded in New York City in 1967 after six Vietnam vets marched together in a peace demonstration, to voice the growing opposition among returning servicemen and women to the still-raging war in Indochina.

Veterans for Peace
Veterans working together for peace and justice through nonviolence.  Wage peace!

Student Peace Action Network
SPAN was created to facilitate communication and to forge a more popular and diverse student peace movement.

Peace Brigades International-USA
Peace Brigades International (PBI) is an international non-profit  organization, influenced by non-violent philosophies, envisioning a  world in which people address conflicts nonviolently, where human  rights are universally upheld, and social justice and intercultural  respect have become a reality.

Co-op America
Co-op America is a national nonprofit organization that operates as a collaborative and participatory workplace, where staff members reach consensus through democratic decision-making processes on key strategic issues for the organization.

Haymarket Books
Haymarket Books is a non-profit, progressive book distributor and publisher, a project of the Center for Economic Research and Social Change.

Mexicanos Sin Froteras
Mexicans without Borders is an immigrant rights group that has been active against what it sees as the growing harassment of immigrant workers, and seeks to address the broader social and political roots of immigration.

Students for a Democratic Society
As Students for a Democratic Society, we want to remake a movement – a young left where our struggles can build and sustain a society of justice-making, solidarity, equality, peace and freedom.

Casa de Maryland
Maryland's largest Latino and immigrant-based service and advocacy organization

Organic Consumers Association
The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is an online and grassroots non-profit public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability.

Empower DC: District of Columbia Grassroots Empowerment Project
EMPOWER D.C. is a grassroots organizing project that tries to improve the self-advocacy of low income and working people in DC in order to bring about improvements in their quality of life.

DC Jobs with Justice
Fighting for working people in the nation's capital

ONE DC - Organizing Neighborhood Equity
Strives to exercise political strength to create and preserve racial and economic equity in the Shaw neighborhood and the District.

The DC Center
Home for GLBT in Metro DC. Resources and support.

DC Library Renaissance Project
Ralph Nader established the DC Library Renaissance Project in December 2002 to help raise awareness of the steady decline of the DC Library System due to systematic budget cuts.

National Lawyers Guild, D.C. Area Chapter and
National Lawyers Guild, founded in 1937, includes lawyers, legal workers, and law students who support progressive social change.

Girls Rock! DC
Girls Rock! DC is a collective of women from the DC Metro Area that brings diverse approaches to grassroots organizing in Washington, DC and beyond.

DC 51
DC51 is an artist collective that grew out of the love for art, urban life, and the people.  They bring paint to the streets, fine art to galleries, gear to the kids, beats to the crowd, and politics from the block.

Student Anti- Genocide Coalition
STAND, the student-led division of the Genocide Intervention Network, tries to empower individuals and communities with the tools to prevent and stop genocide.

TASSC International
The Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International (TASSC) is the only organization founded by and for torture survivors, who seeks to end the practice of torture wherever it occurs and to empower survivors, their families and communities wherever they are.

Witness Against Torture
Witness Against Torture organizes to expose and decry the administration's lawlessness, build awareness about torture and indefinite detention amongst Americans and forge human ties with the prisoners at Guantanamo and their families.

Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN)
The Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) is the first grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to fighting global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Greenpeace USA
Independent campaigning organization that uses nonviolent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems and to force solutions essential to a green and peaceful future.

Rain Forest Action Net work
Rainforest Action Network (RAN) uses markets campaigns to align the policies of multinational corporations with widespread public support for environmental protection.

Oil Change International
Oil Change International campaigns to expose the true costs of oil and facilitate the coming transition towards clean energy, and dedicate to identifying and overcoming political barriers to that transition.

Friends of the Congo
The Friends of the Congo (FOTC) is an advocacy organization based in Washington, DC, established at the behest of Congolese human rights and grassroots institutions in 2004, to work together to bring about peaceful and lasting change in the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire.

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Committee
Organizes local annual commemoration of the first atomic bombings as well as activities dealing with radiation victims’ issues.

Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace
The Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace supports efforts to engage companies that profit from the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, urging them to discontinue activities that result in such profits.

U.S. Campaign for Burma
The United States Campaign for Burma is a U.S.-based membership organization dedicated to empowering grassroots activists around the world to bring about an end to the military dictatorship in Burma.

U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is a diverse coalition working for freedom from occupation and equal rights for all by challenging U.S. policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Africa Action
Working to change US foreign policy and the policies of international institutions in order to support African struggles for peace and development.

CISPES: The Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador
Working wtih the Salvadoran social justice movement to promote an alternative to the oppressive US-backed policies of the Salvadoran right.

SOA Watch
SOA Watch is a nonviolent grassroots movement that works to stand in solidarity with the people of Latin America and the Caribbean, to close the SOA/WHINSEC and to change oppressive U.S. foreign policy that the SOA represents.