Crackdown on Turkish Uprising: Police Hammer Youth Revolt as Fight Continues Against Inequality and Repression

As a sea of riot police backed by water cannon trucks pushed past the barricades, seizing the center of Taksim Square in a barrage of teargas and rubber bullets, the small environmental protests-turned-urban anti-government revolt entered a new stage. In a bid to reclaim the square they occupied for the past week, Turkish youth, woken from their tents to the sound of exploding teargas canisters, erected new barricades, throwing rocks, Molotov cocktails and fireworks in pitched battles with police throughout the day.

How to Honor 50 Years of Activism?

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our 50th anniversary celebration and reunion last month.  How to honor 50 years of activism?  By looking forward! The Washington Peace Center is continuing to build the next generation of activists through monthly training skillshares.  Please donate today to support training the future change-makers!

LGBTQ leaders uphold selection of Bradley Manning as SF Pride grand marshal

Recently, it was announced that PFC Bradley Manning would be a grand marshal of the 2013 San Francisco Pride Celebration. We felt this decision was a bold and uplifting choice, bestowing a great May honor on a young whistleblower being persecuted for following his conscience.

Surprise Fast Food Strike Planned in St. Louis

For the third time in five weeks, non-union fast food workers in a major American city are headed out on strike. Starting at 5 p.m. Central Time today, dozens of employees plan to walk off the job in St. Louis,  following similar strikes in Chicago April 24, and in New York City on Nov. 29 and April 4. Like their counterparts in New York and Chicago, the St. Louis workers are demanding a $15 an hour wage, and the chance to form a union without intimidation.

Housing First: A Proven Solution to End Chronic Homelessness

Thanks to Jean Badalamenti of Miriam’s Kitchen and the Housing Issue Committee for this post.
Let's not let this man nor Mr. G die on the streets of our Nation's Capitol. Investing in the DHS Housing First (PSH) program for the chronically homeless saves lives and dollars.

Let’s not let this man nor Mr. G die on the streets of our Nation’s Capitol. Investing in the DHS Housing First (PSH) program for the chronically homeless saves lives and dollars.

Boston Marathon Suspect's Treatment Shows How 'War on Terror' Has Killed Basic Rights

The aftermath of the Boston Marathon attacks shows that what was once a given--providing a suspect accused of a crime with Miranda rights--has turned into a long-shot due to the country’s “war on terror” mentality. The suspect in custody, 19-year-old American citizen Dzokhar Tsarnaev, has not been read his Miranda rights, despite the fact that he has been questioned by law enforcement interrogators.

Report backs from the World Social Forum

Occupy the WSF

Dear people,

In 1999 the counter-globalisation movement burst onto the streets at the WTO conference in Seattle. Two years later, in Porto Alegre, the movement began to organize its own alternative summits.

Since then, every year, representatives of NGOs and social movements gather in a Third World location to discuss, to connect, to teach, to learn, to share.

Melissa Harris-Perry: GLAAD Changes Name to Include Transgender Equality

"We need to redefine what equality is. If we're defining equality as something that is scarce and limited. [Something] that is for a very select few in our community, and that some of us need to wait for a little bit - that's not equality. That's upholding very systematic oppression. " - Janet Mock

Is the State Department Being Downright Fraudulent in Assessing the Risks of the Keystone XL Pipeline?


At least one of the several oil-friendly corporate authors was apparently paid by Trans-Canada, the corporate applicant for -- and the owner of -- the Keystone pipeline. And that's not all.

So it turns out that friends of the oil industry wrote the environmental impact  statement issued by the State Department about the Keystone XL pipeline on March 1. That's the report that assured people tar sands oil was going to be developed no matter what, and anyway, climate change wouldn't hurt the pipeline.

Mission Unaccomplished: Why the Invasion of Iraq Was the Single Worst Foreign Policy Decision in American History

I was there. And “there” was nowhere. And nowhere was the place to be if you wanted to see the signs of end times for the American Empire up close. It was the place to be if you wanted to see the madness -- and oh yes, it was madness -- not filtered through a complacent and sleepy media that made Washington’s war policy seem, if not sensible, at least sane and serious enough. I stood at Ground Zero of what was intended to be the new centerpiece for a Pax Americana in the Greater Middle East.

Reflections from an Occupier

Occupy. Since last fall this word has taken on a life of its own, representing a new mass social movement. Occupy was my first time participating in activism and for many of us who were in that situation, we faced quite the learning curve. In order to build and sustain a successful movement, we need to take the time to reflect on lessons learned while we're grappling with the million dollar question: Where does OccupyDC go from here?

Training as Action

Usually, direct action training is what it sounds like: training in preparation for a direct action. Sometimes, however, the training itself is the action. Consider this story. The members of a hospital workers union were frustrated because their strike was being disregarded by the employer. The formerly locally-owned Pennsylvania nursing home where they worked had been taken over in the 1980s by a Canadian corporation that wanted to break the union.

Obama’s Other War

With Obama’s recent announcement of an influx of 30,000 troops into Afghanistan, the occupation of Iraq seems to have fallen off the radar despite the looming 7th anniversary of the US invasion coming up on March 19th.  However with elections coming up on March 7th, rising sectarian tensions, conflict over oil, and a population devastated by unemployment and decimated infrastructure, we feel it’s important for anti-war activists to know what’s going on in the country.


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