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Program Manager/ Helga Herz Organizing Fellow - 2014

 The Washington Peace Center is seeking a passionate and organized activist to lead our programmatic work, ensuring that the Peace Center remains a relevant, engaged and dynamic organization.

Primary Job Responsibilities


  • Manage the DC Trainers Network and organize our monthly training skillshares for facilitators and trainers. This includes finding facilitators, assisting with agendas, logistics, outreach and follow-up.
  • Facilitate the publication of the Peace Letter, our newspaper, published semi-annually. This consists of ensuring that it is produced on a set schedule and meets deadlines; distributing portions of the work to volunteers and interns; editing and organizing the layout of the Peace Letter; recruiting writers and designers; and selecting a theme in conjunction with the board and director.
  • Coordinate Volunteer Engagement program; work with volunteers to find substantial and fulfilling tasks within the Peace Center or allied organizations. Follow up with all volunteers and track and evaluate their experiences and the impact on our work. Evaluate overall Volunteer Engagement program and maintain updated records of volunteers, hours and work completed.
  • Coordinate loans of our event equipment with allied activist groups (e.g. sound system, stages, etc). Our equipment was used at actions and events over 100 times in 2013. Facilitate tracking how resources are used and improve outreach so more organizations know about our event equipment and other resources
  • Promote and help organize educational events and actions on peace and justice topics, as well as coalition meetings of DC progressives.


  • Coordinate our online communications. Create our weekly email, the Activist Alert, and lead our social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Work to improve its effectiveness and grow our lists.
  • Check general e-mail inbox; train interns on this task and on keeping our online calendar of progressive events updated; ensure it happens weekly.
  • Help maintain and update our website and ensure that our online "Guide to Organizing in DC" is up-to-date and utilized by our allies.


  • Work closely with the Director in a cooperative manner, ensuring the office runs smoothly and all administrative tasks are shared.
  • Help hire, supervise and evaluate interns (usually we have 2 per semester).
  • Communicate effectively with Peace Center Board members.
  • Opportunities to help with grassroots fundraising and build other skills if interest/time allows.


  • Motivated self-starter with strong time management skills who is committed to peace and social justice;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Ability to work independently without much supervision;
  • Project management experience;
  • 1-5 years previous grassroots activist experience;
  • Developed analysis of impacts of militarization and systems of oppressions as well as an ability to articulate this analysis to diverse audiences;
  • Experience working with diverse communities and an ability to use conflict as a tool for growth;
  • A sense of humor is always a good thing;
  • Minimum education: high school diploma or equivalency.


  • Previous organizing experience in DC
  • Experience leading trainings and an understanding of popular education
  • Some lay-out/graphic design experience
  • Previous event planning experience
  • Experience supervising interns, volunteers or other staff.
  • Comfortable using email/social media/website as an organizing tool.

** We are hoping to find someone who could move up to a Program Director position after their first year **

We are a small office (2.5 staff total) and are looking for someone who can take responsibility and run with it, ensuring that our work is dynamic and relevant. There is a lot of potential to have an extremely enriching experience, both professionally and politically, if you are willing to commit to creating it. While you will be expected to sustain existing work, we also encourage creativity and hope that this job grows with you as you develop new skills and interests.

The Helga Herz Program Manager position is funded through a guaranteed grant for three years (with a likely extension) in honor of Helga Herz, a lifelong activist who led a life devoted to peace and equality.

People of color, people from working class backgrounds and people from other marginalized communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Anticipated Start Date:  This is a full-time job starting September 2, 2014. We hope to finalize our hire by July 31, 2014.

Salary: Commensurate with experience; includes benefits, paid vacation and holiday time.

Location: Columbia Heights, Washington DC

How to Apply:  Please send cover letter and resume to Candice Jones at subject “Job application”. For more info on WPC, see, 202-234-2000.  DEADLINE EXTENDED TO ALLOW FOR MORE APPLICATIONS: Applications due July 7.

Applications will be reviewed upon receipt; this position is open as of June 1, 2014

Fall 2014 Peace Organizing Internship


The Washington Peace Center is a multi-issue, grassroots, anti-racist organization working for peace, justice and nonviolent social change in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. We envision a world based on respect for people and the planet that is achieved through nonviolence, peace and social justice.

Our mission is to provide education, resources, and action for those working for positive social change and a world free from oppression. We strengthen the impact of peace and justice movements by:


  1. Fostering greater collaboration among activist groups
  2. Bridging the gap between global, national & local issues and communities, and
  3. Providing the material support to achieve these goals.

Currently, the Peace Center serves as a central organizing and coalition hub for DC-based anti-war, social justice and peace-focused organizations. Our main program areas are:

1) Education: To provide educational programs and materials such as teach-ins, film series and quarterly publication of the Washington Peace Letter;
2) Community Resources: To facilitate and encourage cooperation among anti-war, peace and social justice groups and to provide resources and structural support for groups and individuals to work more effectively on their own campaigns and in collaboration with others;
3) Action: To provide assistance and leadership for public demonstrations and direct actions that contribute to world peace and justice.

Our Summer interns will work in our office on several projects.  This may include:

-          Attending community rallies and events put on by organizational allies to do outreach for WPC and report back.

-          Keeping our online calendar up-to-date – the most comprehensive calendar of progressive events in the DC area.

-          Assisting with our weekly Activist Alert email that goes out to almost 4000 people.

-          Working with social networking tools and sites to promote and expand our presence on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. 

-          Helping WPC achieve its programmatic goals through promoting and helping to organize our educational events and trainings.


We encourage applicants to work on issues and projects that are important to them and that help them develop their skills. An ideal candidate will have some student organizing experience, background in activism or interest in politics and/or be excited to learn. They will be flexible, interested and engaged in all parts of social justice work, comfortable with computers, able to pick up programs quickly and eager to learn.

Interns will leave with a better understanding of the anti-war movement and local justice issues, be better equipped to work in coalitions and plan events, and will be a better activist. This internship will pay $300 for the semester with a possible transportation stipend as needed.

Minimum of 15 hours a week – 2-3 days preferred if possible. Start date is mid-September to Early December. Please describe in your cover letter when and how much you would be available.

No minimum education requirement. Dates flexible. 

Application instructions: Send resume and cover letter to with subject line “Summer Peace Organizing Intern”

Washington Peace Center – – 202-234-200


Coordinating Board

The Washington Peace Center is always looking for people committed to making the world a better place who might also be potential Board members!  We are looking for committed, passionate people who care about the peace and justice community and the Washington Peace Center to help guide and support this long-standing, grassroots organization. This is an opportunity to be a part of an exciting local organization and help shape its vision and goals.  Click here for info.