About Us

The Washington Peace Center is a multi-issue, grassroots, anti-racist activist support organization working for peace, justice and nonviolent social change in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area.

Currently, the Peace Center serves as a central organizing and coalition hub for DC-based anti-war, social justice peace-focused organizations. Our main program areas are:

1) Education: To provide educational programs and materials such as teach-ins, film series and quarterly publication of the Washington Peace Letter;

2) Community Resources: To facilitate and encourage cooperation among anti-war, peace and social justice groups and to provide resources and structural support for groups and individuals to work more effectively on their own campaigns and in collaboration with others;

3) Action: To provide assistance and leadership for public demonstrations and direct actions that contribute to world peace and justice.

Our Work:
Click here for details about our work in these program areas, including a list of resources we offer the DC community. 

Our History:
The Washington Peace Center is in its 5th decade of working towards true global social justice and a world at peace.  Click here to read about our strong history of activism as well as highlights from the past year.

Who We Are:
Click here for a list of Board Members and Staff.

Peace Center in the News:
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Disclaimer/Usage Guidelines:

The Washington Peace Center, a nonprofit organization in the District of Columbia owns its Website and is responsible for its content, with the exception of individual blogs approved users are allowed to create. In keeping with our mission, we may edit and delete blog entries which use profanity, violent or threatening language, or directly insult or seek to embarrass the Peace Center and its allies in the peace and justice movement without any identifiable political or ethical reason. The Washington Peace Center while supportive of individual rights in society, does control its own privately owned Website. Approved usage of the site by individual users is a privilege not a guaranteed right.